Co2 regulator

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Single and Double gauge COregulators , choice of three models: Economy, Classic and Premium.

Maintain proper keg pressure with a reliable gas regulator. A tamper proof safety pressure relief valve releases at psi and a shut off valve allows you to instantly shut off pressure to the keg without backing up gas line. Top Gauge Measures COPressure in the Keg. This regulator features two clear, easy-to-read gauges. Free Shipping on eligible items.

Everyday low prices, save up to. Our Premium AQUATEK CORegulator with Integrated Solenoid is perfect for many COinjection applications from green houses to aquariums. It has been shown that COenrichment at two, three, or four times the natural concentration will promote plant growth.

The Aquatek Premium COregulator includes dual gauges . CoRegulator with dual gauge for tank pressure and working pressure. Paired with high percision needle valve for accurate dosing. Complete with electronic solenoid.

Operated with Timer for Professional use. We specialize in COregulators for the planted aquarium. Our custom CORegulators are designe built and tested to surpass the highest standards in planted aquarium regulators. Encourage your plants to photosynthesize and your ecosystem will thrive. This quality unit by Taprite is our favorite on the market.

Available in a standar single-body model, as well as a dual-body model which allows you. Dual Gauge CORegulator is hand adjustable, PSI low pressure gauge, built in tank gasket, built in pressure relief valve, and more great features. Using a COregulator to carbonate your beer exactly to the preferred carbonation level is an easy way to improve your homebrew.

COcan be used to not only force carbonated and push your beer . CO2Art specialize in COregulators for the planted aquarium. All our CORegulators are designe built and tested to the highest standards. Control the pressure of your draft beer kegs with COand nitrogen regulators and distribution bars.

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Ambient is is usually about 3PPM. Use our COCalculator for Grow Rooms to find out where to set the flow gauge on your CORegulator , and how . If you are planning on kegging in order to dispense your beer you will need to purchase a regular so that you can control the PSI from your nitrogen or COtank.